Fully automatic Nuclear Power Plant in Tekkit (Minecraft)

Me and a buddy of mine recently have been playing a lot of Tekkit for Minecraft and created a fully automatic Nuclear Reactor Power Plant (Nuclear factory) using ComputerCraft to control all systems required to monitor, fuel and cool reactors.

The main console broadcasts statistics over the network (using Rednet) so you can display the information anywhere you like.

Default configuration is set to 10 Cooling-cells44 Fuel-cells and a maximum core-temp at 2000 degrees.
This outputs ~1800 EU per reactor.

Check out the video for an overview of components and functionality (Direct link to YouTube):

Schematics, Sources and World-Download

All the schematics, code, detailed screenshots, world-downloads, etc. have been added to my GitHub account.

NOTE: A working version for IC2 1.103+ will be uploaded as soon as a new Tekkit version is released (There has been some changes to the cooling procedures).

NB: If you haven’t built a working reactor before I suggest you start out with something simpler. These reactors can create very large holes in your world if something goes wrong.


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